Inspire 2017 brings out the best in our lives, our work, our teams, and our community through intentional and positive leadership.

It’s a premier one-day leadership development experience located centrally in the Chicago- Milwaukee corridor, featuring…


Who should attend?

Inspire is an leadership development experience open to the community – no matter your title, your industry, your age, or where you may stand on your path to leadership. We’ve hosted the top leaders of organizations from a variety of industry sectors, along with managers, associates, educators, students, and nonprofit leaders throughout the region. Bring yourself. Bring your team. Bring your boss. Bring the person you’re ready to promote.


What will I gain?

Insight on how to create energy and optimism in the workplace, how to lead through change, and how to make decisions that keep momentum going. Our speaker lineup will also highlight amazing stories of creativity, generosity and perseverance that will inspire you to be your best self for your team, your family and your community.

Plus – you’ll take home a hardcover copy of The Energy Bus, a hardcover journal (filled with your notes on the inspirational content from throughout the day), and probably a handful of new business cards.

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Headlining Inspire 2017 is international best-selling author and speaker Jon Gordon.  Jon has written more than a dozen books including The Power of Positive Leadership and The Energy Bus.  His engaging talks and principles inspire people and organizations to work with more vision, passion, positivity, and purpose.



“Inspire is a particularly good value both because of the leadership insights it provides and the convenience of its location. Every team we have sent has been inspired by the local and national leaders who have spoken. The energy and creative thinking that ensues as a result of the networking opportunities is something we believe is a real value to our leaders, and to our company.”

– Jean Moran, Retired CEO, LMI Packaging Solutions

What inspires YOU?

We asked people across the Kenosha community and at the Inspire 2016 event what inspires them.  To see more, check out our Facebook page: KABAConnectHere.

“Leaders at Frontida Assisted Living have benefited from the nuggets of truth that we are reminded of at every Inspire event. We believe that our investment in our team members’ growth, through this event, has contributed to our positive company culture, our increased employee retention, and being named a Top Workplace.”

– Crystal Miller, President, Frontida Assisted Living

On Leadership

The Inspire On Leadership quarterly columns are designed to share thoughts on leadership from local business and community leaders and features a regular column from leadership expert Aleta Norris of Living as a Leader.

Summer 2017

Aleta Norris: Leading Change

A passion for lifelong learning
By Dr. Sue Savaglio-Jarvis, Superintendent of the Kenosha Unified School District

Spring 2017

Aleta Norris: Understand Yourself and Others

Fall 2016

Aleta Norris: Accidental Leadership

The ROI of community involvement
By Jayne Herring, Director of Marketing & Communications, Gateway Technical College

Summer 2016

Aleta Norris: Set Employees Up For Success

Leaders: Bring your passion
By Annette Stitch, Quality Assurance Manager, Fair Oaks Farms & President, YLink

Spring 2016

Aleta Norris: Ask Them How They’re Doing

Learning vs. Mistakes
By Jean Moran, recently retired CEO of LMI Packaging Solutions & Executive Director at Building Our Future

Winter 2016

Aleta Norris: Missed Opportunities of Leaders

The Importance of Having a Vision
By Michael Pollocoff, recently retired Village Administrator, Village of Pleasant Prairie

Fall 2015

Aleta Norris: Leadership and Positive Feedback

Learning from Leaders in our Community
By Todd Battle, President, Kenosha Area Business Alliance

Recommended Resources

Below is a list of books, videos and other resources that will take you further along on your leadership journey and expose you to innovative community concepts taking place throughout the country.  Some of these inspirational leaders have spoken at a past Inspire events.



Inspire is a series of activities, events and resources designed to empower existing and emerging leaders to create change in our community. As part of this platform, KABA hosts a one-day leadership experience to challenge and inspire attendees to walk away with ideas on how they can be a better leader in their careers, communities, and personal lives.